Different rendering in Engrave / Print Mode / PDF

These are three renderings of the same file:

Engrave-Mode: (everything ok)
MB rest.jpeg
The rest of screenshots can be found in (my) replies -I was not able to attach them to this post…

Print Mode: (multibar range hyphen not correct)

PDF: (multibar range hyphen correct again but rehearsal marks “broken”)

You didn’t update to Mojave did you?

No - I did not…

Well that’s a relief. The Print preview in Dorico is wonky on occasion, but generally speaking I find that PDFs come out fine as long as I use Dorico’s inbuilt PDF export, not the operating system’s Print dialog.

Can you confirm that you’re using Dorico’s own PDF export?

If so, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will turn up soon - I’m out of ideas.

Hi Leo, thanks for your replies. I am actually using Dorico’s inbuilt PDF export.

I need to look into the specifics of this a bit more as I think there’s a problem with Petaluma Script’s en-dash character, but fortunately I think there is an easy and acceptable workaround. At the bottom of the Rests page of Engraving Options you can set the multi-bar rest bar number range separator to a custom character: use a regular hyphen rather than the en-dash character, and you should find that everything looks good in your PDF.