Different Scales with MIDI Modifiers Plugin (in Midi Inserts)

Hey :slight_smile:

I just found the feature of changing Scales in the MIDI Modifiers Plugin in Midi Inserts.
As i want to make future tracks in a Scale called ´Just Intonation´ - does anyone of you know if
it´s possible to load a .tun file somewhere for it to show up in this section where one
can choose between the different scales?

Thanks and greets from Bulgaria

.tun format and MIDI are not compatible.

This depends on what VST or midi sound module you are using because there are several different ways to do this.

The microtuner midi insert factory presets has Pure Major and Pure Minor, this works with certain Steinberg VSTi plugins, but is not universal.

Scala files are the “industry standard” if there is one, The full version of Halion can import those, as can Kontakt, and others.

My point is to not needing to insert a .tun file in every synth i use, but instead just insert it in the Midi Modifier, because then
i can even use the different tuning also with synths that don´t support different tuning.

Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. .tun files aren’t made for, nor work in Cubase, and you can’t insert anything into the Midi Modifiers.

If you have a look at the midi insert “Microtuner” we’ll be able to talk about this on the same terms. Halion Sonic SE works with that. But every synth you use will have a different method for micro tuning. VST2 and VST3 both can receive these commands from the sequencer, but the plugin author has to implement it in the plugin, and not many have done so. (to anticipate the question, :wink: no, I do not have a list)

Thanks a lot Steve! I´ll check out the micro tuner when i´m back in my studio again.
Have a good start in the week :slight_smile: