Different shortcuts for "stop where playhead is" AND "Return to Start on Stop?"

Hello, so I know “Return to Start Position on Stop” is an option in Nuendo preferences, but I was wondering if there was a way to leave that on (so when I press spacebar it returns to where I started), but ALSO have a keyboard shortcut (maybe like CTRL+Spacebar) that will stop the playhead wherever it currently is, like as if that option in preferences was off.

So what I would like to do is have:
Spacebar = start / Return to Start Position on Stop (which is how it currently works with the option on)
CTRL + Spacebar = stop playhead where it is currently

I tried to make a macro for stopping the playhead where it is while the Return to Start option is enabled. Basically I made it Toggle that option off, Stop, toggle that option back on. Unfortunately it doesn’t work though.

Any ideas?

I do it the other way 'round, but the result might be a workaround for you nonetheless: I leave the Preference for “Return to Start Position on Stop” off and have a shortcut for the “Restart” command, which brings back the cursor to its last starting position and starts the playback from there again. I use that all the time with my right thumb (the key-command is assigned to the numerical block’s “Enter” key) and feel crippled in other DAWs that don’t offer this option. :slight_smile: