Different stave sizes

Will layouts only support a single staff size per flow? I’m engraving a full orchestral score right now that occasionally has so much music on a page I need to use slightly smaller staves for that page only in order to fit it all in, and right now (using Unnamed Competitor Product Which You May Or May Not Have Heard Of/Worked On) I have to create three separate files in order to achieve this (the first with normal stave sizes, the second with one or two pages of smaller staves, and the third back to normal stave sizes).

Would I need to do something similar in Dorico with flows? Or will there be greater flexibility to alter the layout on a page-by-page basis?

You can change the stave size not only of an individual stave within the system (as a percentage of the global stave size), and you can also change the global stave size at any system break. So you’ll be able to do it all within a single project in Dorico, no problem.


That’s what I was hoping you’d say!