Different tempo mp3/wav

why is VL changing the tempo of an mp3 file. what i am doing wrong?
if i import the same file as an “wav”, the tempo is ok (both are a mixdown from cubase and when i play them in a media player, they are same speed)
i already tried different sample rates
greetings Andi

if i first create an audio track and drop then the mp3 file, its ok,
if i drag the file in an empty area, the tempo is too slow :man_shrugging:

could you send a short mp3 file which shows this behaviour? We’d need to know your sample rate too,

cubase project is also on 48kHz

sorry, i dont know what i did wrong, but now it works anyway :man_shrugging:
cannot reproduce it

thank you for your (too) fast answer :grinning:

Thank you.
VST Live applies sample rate conversion automatically. My guess is that you exported the wav file with a non-matching sample rate in Cubase.

but the wav file was in time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i really dont know
thank you anyway