Different things

HI, I have a few queries on 3 different things……

  1. I’m using C9pro how can I upgrade pad shop? Will I have to uninstall and then reinstall C9pro to upgrade? If so then that’s really frustrating!

  2. I am facing a few problems with Mixing and mastering I can’t seem to get a professional final product when I listen to other peoples track there end product is very neat I can’t to get to that level of mixing and mastering on my own sounds is there some additional software or something that I should be using? Please listen to demo you will get an idea of what I mean…… any input on improvement is welcome! https://app.box.com/s/apzihfqn79bro6zdk8iw7wzyzc6yabnh

  3. sometimes I need to render some sounds in mono, but C9 always renders in stereo , how can I render in mono kindly tell me in a simple way step by step. Thanks.

  1. Cubase 9 Pro comes with the standard Padshop. Just buy the Pro version at Steinberg and you’ll get a download link to get the approx. 3GB download and an activation code. Just activate and install it and after starting Cubase again you will have the extra functionality and have an added Pro sounds folder.

  2. This is probably the Holy Grail everyone writing/arranging/producing music is looking for. There’s no easy way of explaining how to do this. It’s a process of trying, experimenting and learning and I by no means claim to be an expert or hold all wisdom on the matter. The thing I notice in the clip is that all sounds seem to be centered and there’s no depth in the mix. So I would start to experiment different pan settings. A trick I often use to create depth is to create 3 different reverb FX channels one small room, one medium room and one hall (or maybe even plate, depending on what you want to achieve). So 3 different spaces from fairly small to fairly large. Send the bass and drums to the small room and the singer and guitar to the medium. Synths wallpapers and Pads might do better in the hall? Just play around with the reverb spaces and send levels to find a good balance. Besides this there’s tons of other stuff and plugins to consider like EQ, compression, etc. Like I said there’s no one or easy way to get things to sound the way you want them. It’s can sometimes be a long process to find your own way and get the sound you’re looking for. There are also a lot of decent tutorials on YouTube that can help you understand how to get things . Another thing you could try is EZmix from Toontrack. This has prefixed profiles for mixing and mastering and has a lot of add-on packs for all kinds of music styles. It’s an automatic ‘decent mix for dummies’ plugin and it probably can never really replace a well balanced mix done manually but it can help you get pretty close to the result you’re looking for. I’ve used it on occasion and the instant results on mastering can be surprisingly good.

  3. One way of doing this is to create a mono audio channel and route the stereo to this. Then render the mono track. There’s also several plugins on the market that can do this, also free ones. Just google for ‘vst plugin stereo to mono’.

Hi, thanks for you detailed reply it’s really useful. Kindly tell me ……
I’m using Cubase 9 pro it has a basic OR standard version of pad shop in it I don’t know, but I want to upgrade to Pad shop Pro so kindly tell me what pad shop I need to buy ? Please see attached pic.

You can get the upgrade with or without Zero Gravity expansion pack.

You can just upgrade with the basic (9,99) or include the Zero Gravity sound set (34,99). The Zero Gravity is cool if you like lush pads. I also have this and I like the sounds a lot.

Thanks for helping reply’s, kindly how to install upgrade pad shop pro, it’s not give me option to install Please see attached pics.

You don’t need to install any update…if I remember correctly you just activate the license which upgrades your current install to Pro.

Yes it’s the same plugin the pro license opens up for the extra features.
That confused me too, when I upgraded.

I just purchased pad shop upgrade to pro and they sent me a download link which was 94.7mb.
any how if that’s the case as you guys said then its great, kindly tell me how to activate the license pad shop upgrade ? step by step please.


Amazing mate … I have activated pad shop really great sounds thanks