Different time signatures simultaneously on different staves

Is is possible within Dorico to put different time signatures on different staves? For example, is it possible to have 2/4 time signature on the Trumpet staff whilst, simultaneously, having a 6/8 time signature on the Trombone staff?

Yes, but a quaver/eighth will always equal a quaver/eighth, so if you want 6/8 in one stave and 2/4 in another stave and for the barlines to be in the same places in both staves, you have to employ some trickery. See https://www.scoringnotes.com/tutorials/masking-meters-creating-polymeters-metric-modulations-dorico/ for further details.

Thank you for the information and the link. Unfortunately, my score superimposes the independent time signatures at only certain measures within the piece. And the piece uses different meters throughout. For the moment, I am using tuplets and just living with this. I suppose, (being a Finale user for over thirty years before switching to Dorico), I could simply create the tuplets where necessary, and graphically place a 2/4 signature where needed in the specific instrument parts whilst everything else is in 6/8. Or… As I did when transcribing the motets of Scandellus, send the music out as EPS files and fix them in Adobe Illustrator. Regardless, this bit of information is intriguing and I thank you for the link and your timely response.