Different time values drumset.


I want to hit a crash cymbal att the same time as the snare starts to roll. I can’t separate the notes from each other, so it rolls the cymbal too. I tried different voices, doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?

I’m trying to imagine how one player would play that, but perhaps drummers’ hands are fast enough to move from the cymbal to pick up the roll on the snare. Is this meant eventually to be played live? Otherwise you might want to use a separate player for the Cymbal sound. Have you tried changing the Engraving option for your kit so that drums are down-stem and cymbals upstem?

Heeeh. I know, it might be a bit tricky. I’m imagining that it’s possible though if you are a professional drummer.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that!

What about starting the snare a fraction after the cymbal? That’s probably how a real player would do it.

Sounds adequate!

If you right click on the snare drum note, from percussion submenu, you can add it to a new “up/down stem voice”.

Here’s what I did quickly…