Different Transposing Layouts

Hey guys,
if I write a lead sheet in C, but want to transpose it for Bb and Eb Instruments, is there an option to make different Layouts of the same instrument (lets say for instance piano) and transpose them separately ? So I would have layouts in C, Bb and Eb… ?
Anyone could help me out on that ?

Welcome to the forum @joshuaknauber.

No, you will need to have separate Instruments with the relevant transposition to put in separate Layouts. It’s easy enough to copy/paste but you’ll have to be mindful when changing things that each Instrument is the same etc.

A similar thread came up recently:

Just duplicate the layout, right-click and select Clef and transposition overrides.


transp.dorico (474.0 KB)


Daniel, do exercise a bit of caution when telling someone something isn’t possible - this is Dorico-land, where almost everything is indeed possible, and most likely possible with an elegant solution once you know about it!


On this site, “not possible” often means “not possible yet.”

Of course, you’re right. It was careless.