different Window actions between WL8.0 & WL8.5

In WL8.0…
When I have an “Audio Montage” window and the “Control Window” open if I minimize or close the “Audio Montage” window the “Control Window” will stay open. This is useful when the montage window is maximized and I want to drag and drop a folder to the “Control Window” so I can burn a data disc.

In WL8.5…
If I have the 2 windows open and I minimize the “Audio Montage” window, the “Control Window” minimizes too. (not useful)
If I have the 2 windows open and I Close the “Audio Montage” window, the “Control Window” Also Closes.

Why has the behavior changed ???
Is there a preference that affects this ??? I could not find one.
For how we work, I prefer the actions of WL8 to WL8.5 for this issue.


I can’t reproduce what you describe. The Control window behaves independently from the montage window here.

In 8.5.10 ???

do your 8.0.4 and 8.5.10 versions react the same ???

Yes, they do. If you can make a small video…

I will try to make 1 soon.
is there a place I can upload at your location?
otherwise I will have to wait for our IT guy to get back so i can post on our ftp server.


will the video format be an issue … Me in the USA, you ???


I put some videos on our ftp site
I sent you a PM with
Address, username, password


Thanks for the videos. To have the same behaviour between WaveLab 8 and 8.5, please uncheck the option “Stay on top” at the bottom of the Options menu, in the control window.


I will check it out Monday

PG, that fixed the issue of the control window Disappearing when you minimized the montage window.
But then I noticed that in 8.0 when I select “Data CD/DVD” I get the control window.
in 8.5 I get a separate window called CD/DVD. When I minimize the montage the CD/DVD window would minimize as well and the CD/DVD window does not have a “Stay on top” Options that I could find.
I did find a menu item for "put CD/DVD window into “Control Window”
So I did that. it now works in a way we can comfortably use.

I did wonder when we jumped from WL5 to WL8 why the “Data CD/DVD” selection would open up the “Control Window”, but had assumed this was just a naming change made over the years. I did not
know there could be a separate “Data CD/DVD” window. I don’t guess it really matters that the CD/DVD window lives in the Control Window, just thought this might be useful to other users if I mentioned it.