Differentiating half notes and quarter notes in Bass tab

Hi guys

Cubase Pro 8.5

I need to create a bass guitar tablature for my student. Got all the way to viewing a tab which looks great… but this song is in 3/4 time and Cubase wants to use a dotted stem to represent a dotted half note. Regular half notes and quarter notes are being displayed the same way, with just a regular stem.

We all know that tab sucks for conveying rhythmic information, but this kid has to play something in a few days and his note reading isn’t there yet. If I give him this tab, he can’t really tell a half note from a quarter note except by physical position within the bar.

I need to figure out if Cubase can display half notes in 3/4 time with a circle around the notehead or something else to differentiate it from a quarter note. Hope this is clear. Tried to figure it out but can’t see a solution in the Score Editor Settings.

I have Finale but just wanted to see if I could do this in Cubase.

Thanks for any help.


You could maybe uncheck “Tablature Mode” to display in normal notation, shift select all the half notes, right click on a note to call up the properties window and check “Bracket Head” in the set note info window, then re-check “Tablature Mode”. Not ideal, but that would at least differentiate the half notes.


Thanks, that’s actually pretty good as a workaround. I think I’ll just stick with Finale or Guitar Pro for tomorrow and see if I can figure this out going forward.