difficult to distinguish the virtual keyboard

Hi all,
(i am a bit old, i know :slight_smile:, but i never had this problem with other versions, but it is obvious that in cubase 6.5 in edit mode, the virtual keyboard (on left) is barely visible, barely distinguishable the black keys from white keys …
if someone know how to improve it …

maybe i miss something…

thanks for your help

Aloha I,

Seems to be fine here.

Is your colour scheme set to the ‘default’ mode or have you
changed it?

I ask because I have changed my colours to a sort of blueish tint so
the edit keyboard (on the left in edit windows) has that same blue hue to it
but I can still make out the black from the white keys.

I believe if the user does not change the colours, from default
that keyboard should be perfectly black and white.

Go into Cubase ‘preferences’ and check the colour tab(s).

HTH (hope this helps)

Hello C,
thank you to answer…

yes i have change default colour… so the first thing i do is go back to default settings: and it is better, but not clear as it was in other version…because i always (as most of us) change the colours in cubase,and i never had this problem so: is it possible to get the same colour/contrast it was in cubase 5 if not, i found it may be like a little “bug” …

thank you :slight_smile: (forgive my poor english)

is there anybody who may solve my little, but really annoying problem…?

by advance: thanks.

there is no direct control of the keyboard color. You just have to fiddle with the general interface color until you can see it.

to my great regret, we note here that this is a small defect in cubase 6 compared with previous versions