Difficulties connecting Zoom H5

I installed the QBASE LE 8 and WAVElab LE 8. The software came with my Zoom H5.
I want to connect the device as USB interface. It works with other programmes like Skype and VoiP. I can record and upload the files to my PC.
The direct connection with the QBASE LE 8 and WAVElab LE 8 software fails dramatically.
I uploaded the latest driver ( Zoom H and F series ASIO). I went to the VST audio system and selected it.
When I go to Devices VST connection, the system does not allow me to activate the microphone. Gives me Audio Device not connected. Device Port - Not Connected.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?


There is smiliar thread about Zoom Device handling in Cubase, on the forum. I would say, there is a Zoom driver issue. Try to use ASIO4ALL driver emulation.