Difficulty clicking on frames that overlap other frames

Hello - sort of an amateur question, I’m having trouble selecting the handles of certain frames that overlap other frames, especially text frames within a music frame (or vice versa). Is there a trick here?

As an example, in the attached image, I’m unable to select the bottom most handles on the text frame as the software prioritizes the music frame settings.



Have you considered selecting the frame as a whole and then using Properties to alter the frame dimensions (if that is what you are doing).

Since one of the handles is currently selected, use the arrow keys (with no modifier key) to navigate between handles. You can also use arrows to navigate to other frames.

Tab will alternate the selection between individual handles and the frame as a whole. You can then use Alt-arrow to either move the handle and change the dimensions, or move the entire frame.

Frame selection and modification can be tricky at first, especially when frames overlap, but once you acclimate to the behavior, it becomes predictable and fairly easy to navigate. Hope that helps.

I suggested using tab to move from one handle to the other but found that did not work.

I wonder why frames use arrows to move from handle to handle and slurs use TAB for the same purpose. But hey, I’ll go with what works now that I know. (I have a somewhat different method to deal with “overlapping” frames, but it was too complicated to explain to ihcob.)

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This works very well, thanks.