difficulty configuring a working system.

hi - am having difficulty configuring a working system. i have started a project window and have copied and made some minor edits to some fx pre-loaded drums. the computer i am using is capable of handling the requirements but when i set audio input to stereo and output to stereo then attempt to play the drum sequence the project is muted. when only one of the speaker outputs is active then the project plays but the audio input (the mic) won’t route to the channel. the audio input indicator shows the signal to be working on the transport panel but not in the channel selected for audio in. there have been time when the channels signal bar does show a slight signal but it only happens when the mic is tapped on quite severely. my uneducated guesses would be that the sound card is not handling the signals. or the processor is not large enough.



Nobody can really offer you any advice if you don’t provide any details about you DAW configuration. Lot’s of folks put that info into their signature so it’s easy to see.