Difficulty in selecting large areas with precise start and end points

Hi, I’m using SL7 Pro to edit larger files, but I can’t find a suitable way to select large areas (40 minutes) with specific ver precise start and end points. IS there something I’m missing? After selecting the general area with the zoom far out, I can’t find a way to zoom in to start and end points and tighten those points.

I’ve been looking for a way to adjust the dimensions of selection areas, but haven’t found it yet. I can adjust the position of the areas after they’ve been defined, but not the dimensions. I don’t have this problem in Izotope RX. It’s just a matter of click-and-drag.

After selecting general area, you can zoom in by using the overview window. The overview has handles to finetrim what region you see in the spectral view. You can also grab hold of the ruler (the grey area under the time ruler) and left click + drag to zoom in or out. Or use the zoom tool, click where you want to zoom in and drag sideways.

This is working on larger files, and when there is a selected area.

Changing selection start or end point:
When zoomed in on your start or end selection, right click in the ruler and add a region marker. Set the marker where you want your selection start or end to move, and then double click on the marker. This trims the selection to the marker. You can also manually insert the time in the Display pane to the right, if you have made the Selection Time Range visible. If not, click the three lines in the Display pane and tick Selection Time Range. This is, imho, a very unintuitive way to set the values though - but if you just figure out how the different values affect each other you might find it useful. :slight_smile:

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EDIT: you can also change selections by adding/subtracting from the current selection, depending on how you have set the selector to work up in the left corner. This might be a quicker way sometimes, especially (in conjunction with inverting the selection) if you are also doing frequency axis selections - but between these different ways to modify the selection, you´ll probably find the way that works best for you!

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Thanks Maljud! That’s exactly what I needed to know!

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