Difficulty inputting quarter-tone in customised key signature

Hello All,

I’ve been typing a score with quarter tones. There’s no key signature. First I’ve tried to change it to “Equal temperament 24-EDO”, but when I start to type, it switch back to 12-tone. It took me a lot of time searching through forum to realize that I must create a customised key signature before I start to type, which is quite a nuisance. Is it possible that you can implement the function to let user change to a 24-tone temperament (with the same key signature) without this extra step?

Then I started to type a score with customised key signature, in which B is a quarter-tone flat, and F is a quarter-tone sharp. If I input it with computer keyboard, everything is fine, the notes would become quarter-tones as I typed B or F, but… if I’m using MIDI keyboard. Whenever I press an F, it becomes F natural; whenever I press a B, it becomes B natural. I will need to correct them everytime I input a new note. That is a very tedious task, consider that I must click to choose the accidental I want. Is it possible to implement a feature that simply translate a MIDI note to the customized key I wanted, instead of appending a natural sign every time? (See the picture below). Or is it possible to assign shortcut keys to quarter-tone signs?
Thanks very much!


When changing the tonality system, you do need to input a key signature but it doesn’t have to be a custom one, it could simply be an “atonal” one.

I believe that’s expected, that pressing letters on a computer keyboard results in pitches that follow the key signature, but because keys on a MIDI keyboard have an inherent pitch ID, that will come through to Dorico, regardless of the key signature.

Thanks for answering on a sunday! I didn’t expect a prompt reply.

While this is right in terms of the program’s “grammar”, it is actually quite tedious to input quarter-tones for the users. Unless I can assign shortcut keys for the uncommon accidentals, which I can’t find anywhere to do it, it will take too many steps to input quarter-tones. Please reflect this to the development team to see if they will consider this in the future.

For shortcut keys, see Dorico 3 - Keyboard shortcuts for microtonal accidentals? - #5 by pianoleo

(You’ll need to substitute “Dorico 4” for “Dorico 3” in a few places, but otherwise that should all still be current.)

Thanks very much! I’m not good at scripts, but I’ll have a try.