Difficulty saving Expression Map

Hi, Folks,

I recently rigged my LASS String Library through Kontakt and Cubase. I attempted to create Expression Maps for the String set and have run into some problems.

For the first case, I have a violin keyswitch patch loaded into MIDI 1 Kontakt 1. I open an preset expression map that I already downloaded. I tweak the map and then try to save it with a new name. The newly named expression map does not appear in the Cubase Expression Map List. Only a variant of the original map (name.1). IF I go out to my hard drive and load in the named map I saved. It brings up the original map variant.

For the second case, I also have a Bass KS patch. When I create an expression map for this one, it doesn’t save the starting KS note. Because it is the bass, the starting note changes from C0 to C5. So if I have this expression map with the violin expression map, I can’t seem to use both. Either all begin at C0 or all begin at C5.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug in Cubase 8 or in me?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, everyone,

Apparently the bug is with me. The reason I wasn’t seeing the saved named file in the Expression Map List is because apparently you can double click on the name of the Expression Maps on the left in the Expression Map Setup and rename it. Solved issue one.

Apparently you can also just type in the Key Switch note directly into the the remote column of the slot sounds without changing the root note. It saves the map with the different octave matrix without changing the root note.