Digi 002 Rack Driver and Cubase 7.02 Incompatibilities

I am currently running cubase 7.02 64 bit with my digi 002 rack with driver version I have the ASIO Digidesign Driver FW002 selected in Device setup, stereo outputs assigned correctly. Playback with vsts and external synths are fine. However, If I go to import an audio file, I get no audio.

Now, When i switch the driver to the “generic low latency ASIO driver” I get audio from the imported wav track.

Im thinking that I may need to roll back to an earlier driver version for my digi 002 or possibly update; i dont know. Has anyone found a stable version or ran into the same issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, well I think I found a solution not that anyone gives a damn. I uninstalled the avid drivers and reverted back to the 8.04 beta drivers. Im now able to import wavs with audio playback. so anyone having this same issue, this could be the solution. still need to fully test everything, but so far so good


I’m having the same troubles, but I can’t find the 8.04 beta drivers anywhere… Where can I download them? Have you experienced any other issues after downgrading your drivers?

Thank you very much in advance!