Digi 003 and a Focurite Octopre - How to sync??


i use a Digidesign 003 rack with an Octopre connected via ADAT for 8 extra mic pres, all works perfectly with Protools 8 but when i use Cubase 6, the 003 and Octopre dont sync up - the ADAT led on the Octopre doesnt light up and you cant record via ADAT inputs. I’ve tried all the options in the VST Device setup windows, the only options for the 003 is to change the buffer size. Workaround: if i start PT8 this led comes on, then i quit PT8 and start Cubase 6 and all is well, but surely it should be easier than this?

I’m on a Mac btw, OSX 10.6.6