DiGiGrid & Cubase

Hi all,

I am really interested in using a DiGiGrid Server with Cubase. I believe this is pretty new, perhaps not even possible yet? I think the Waves add-on to make this work is StudioRack. They’ve had the tech for a while for Waves Live which I have used with a Soundcraft Vi4 and an RME HDSPe MADI.

I am wondering what it would take to get up an running using a DiGiGrid DSP Server. More importantly, I am wondering whether it is possible to just use an spare computer sitting around as a DSP Server. I know they make some for pretty reasonable prices. I don’t see why you would need any additional hardware other than maybe getting the DiGiGrid Switch. The IT brains in me says to just get a quality gigabit switch and call it a day.

Reminds me of the days using VST System Link. Does that even still work or does anyone use it?