Digitakt and Overbridge with Cubase

Hi all,
I just started using Elektron Dogitakt using Overbridge, and I noticed that unlike other DAWs in order to record the machine audio via USB I need to route the audio they a group and than record the group.

Is there anyone here who works with Overbridge in Cubase and can share about the workflow

Thanks a lot :heart:

Yes use Ob with Dt and Dn on C11
What do you want to know?

Hi thanks :slight_smile:
Can you please share how is your setup in Cubase.
And how do you record into Cubase in the most convince way?

Sorry for the late respons
Busy times

My system:
Ai: focusrite claret thunderbolt
MI: motu midi xt
Cubase 11 pro
Dn and Dt via Ob in cubase
Routing ob in cubase
For each Output vst ob instrument track create a seperate group track
And all those groups go to a separate audio track
My other hardware synths are connected thru a motu midi xt
I also created midi tracks to control and sequence my hw synths from the Dt via Cubase ( the first four miditracks of the Dt)
With the other four midi tracks of the Dt Im controlling de mute and other stuf of the Dn audio tracks

And a also created a patch in the cubase project logical editor to have a better view of the recorded mutes of the elektrons

I also recommend to create some different track view settings both for the arranger view and the mixer view

If you have more questions please let me know

Sorry for late response man,
I’m trying to implement the Digitakt to my worflow, not sure I’m getting to it.
I did like you did, but I think it just doesn’t fit to me.

Thanks a lot, I know now that this is the way to use Digitakt in Cubase.
Idan :slight_smile: