Digital Download License

I read the post about licensing and I want to try and make sure I understand where Dorico is now and where it plans to be. I bought the digital download of Dorico this morning and installed and registered it on my work computer. When I got home I installed it on my laptop. When I tried to activate it I got an error message that I had already used my activation code. So…if I’m using a digital download is it true I can only have it registered on one computer at a time unless I have a dongle?

Is this something that is going to be changed in the near future? I just can’t stand dongles.

That’s correct, the software eLicenser only allows activation on one computer.

If you would like to use Dorico on multiple computers you will need the USB eLicenser.

We’ve made various public statements about this - if you’ve not done so already, please take a look at the “sticky” topic at the top of this forum: “How Dorico licensing will work”