Digital Performer 8 demo

I wondered if anybody else had downloaded this? I was interested in trying DP out having heard so much about it, but never having seen it in action. It seems a bit confusing coming from a Cubase/Logic background, but I’m starting to appreciate it after struggling for a few days - probably not enough to invest in the cross-grade offer though, not to mention the time needed to learn a new DAW.

Are there any DP experts who can comment on any advantages DP has over Cubase? I mostly use MIDI and orchestral libraries, so Cubase suits my needs well at the moment, but DP is certainly more tempting than Logic Pro.

Downloading now, but I’m on Windose. FYI, DL going at a full 4.2 MB/sec.

Strike 1: it didn’t give me the option where to install.

Looking at the KVR forum it looks like there are a lot of issues with the Windows version, which I suppose is inevitable for the first ever release. The Mac version seems very stable, so I’ll be interested in how you get on.

Not terribly impressed yet. I probably won’t spend much time with it, as I find Cubase has always fit my needs.

The skinning options seem to be very nice, however.