digital piano and cubase/midi compatibility

Yamaha makes a digital piano with USB 2.0 interfaces but no midi ports—the salesman i talked to laughed: MIDI’s obsolete!!! he said…So? Can i create Midi data events by way of USB from this piano to Cubase 7? What are the complications if this is possible?..Of course this keyboard must have analogue outs, can you play these into the UR28M interface and produce midi events?..merci

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First off the sale man is wrong.

The physical ‘DIN’ connector that musicians call a ‘MIDI plug’ IS
showing up less in todays gear in favor of the USB
connector but the MIDI language used by both is still the same.

So MIDI is not dead. Just the connector (possibly).

My GR55 guitar synth uses a MIDI USB connector and
plugs directly into my computer USB port.

As I perform, the GR sends MIDI info via USB that is then ‘read/seen’ by Cubase.

Your Yamaha D/Piano should work the same way.

1-plug your keyboard directly into your computer’s USB port.
Cubase should ‘see’ that.
2-plug the audio outs of the keyboard into the UR28M and then go from it’s USB port
into a second USB port on your computer
Cubase should also ‘see’ that.

and bob’s yer uncle’.

I have a Yamaha DGX-640 which uses USB MIDI. I have connected it to Cubase and it worked fine for recording the playing (including pedals and pitchbend). It came with software to create the MIDI port which will then show up in Cubase.

Thanks both of you, curteye, jaslan…i am clearing up many questions by participating in this forum…i am trying to avoid an anxiety attack when i bring Cubase 7 home for the first time…This forum is all about problems—that makes me pessimistic— i can’t handle computer disobedience, eh? you guys get a problem every time you work Cubase 7?

Happily trucking along with Cubase 6.5.5! :smiley:

To answer your original question more completely. There are several options…
You could play the piano and record the AUDIO signal via the interface…
You could play the piano and record the MIDI notes via the USB MIDI cable…
Once the MIDI notes are recorded, you then have options as well…
You could send those MIDI notes to a virtual instrument for playback…
You could send those MIDI notes BACK to the Yamaha piano for playback…


For me using any DAW is like riding a bucking bronco.

But with some time/discipline and focus you can
learn to stay on for waaaaaaay more than 8 seconds. (most days). ha :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t get discouraged. The Cubase learning curve (from scratch) is steep.
But if we can do it, so can you.

You are on the right path and are asking the right questions.
Don’t stop now.

And Good Luck!
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“But with some time/discipline and focus you can
learn to stay on for waaaaaaay more than 8 seconds. (most days). ha”

Nice joke Curteye…are you trying to scare the beginners ?

Let me ask all users this: what % of Cubase time is UP or DOWN on AVERAGE ??? much WORKTIME on an
average day ???

Isn’t that the big question ???..about the song of yours you want to hear???

Please say if you are frustrated…and why