just purchased this plugin and l cant get to show up in wavelab 8 anyone know how to fix this?

Maybe you installed the 64 bit version and use WaveLab in 32 bit, or reciprocally?

no l didnt?

Can you see it there?

what menu is that?

dont worry found it the only ones being ignored were my virus plugins

Verify if the plugin is really located in one of the paths listed when you click there:
Use this to facilitate searches:

its there but not letting me do anything with it :frowning:

its there but not letting me do anything with it

Please explain more what you say.

keep getting this error message “user privileges insufficent to start a low level driver”

I guess the plugin copy protection needs administration priviledes. This is not normal, this should be done during the plugin installation. Nevertheless, try launching WaveLab, once, in administrator mode.
But you should report this case to the plugin manufacturer, because this is not a WaveLab message.

thanks for help :wink: l just did but offices dont open till monday