Digital Ticks Exporting Audio

Anyone else experiencing digital ticks occurring when exporting audio from multi-track projects in 11.0.1?
It happens toward the top of the selected region, audible while in real-time mode, but also renders in mix when exporting digitally. Not there at all when running multi-track project.
It sounds a bit like a bad cross-fade, and is consistent in where they occur. I feel it may be a buffer issue, but that doesn’t seem to fix it. It’s beginning to be annoying, as I can’t sniff it out.
Many Thanks~

What do you mean by “multi-track projects”, and is this about Cubase or Nuendo?

(I haven’t had this issue)

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this is not a problem by the software… there is something in your signals that do this…

Cubase 11
It’s very minimal (nearly negligible), and it only shows up at the beginning (two very consistent spots) of the exported stereo mix. Realtime and Digital renders.
It’s NOT heard in multi-channel playback, but IS while monitoring the realtime export.

Sorted the culprit-- elec gtr w CLA-2A/VST Amp/C6 inserts (the 2 comps, yeah…) sent through Stereo Delay.