Digitally signed driver

I had to have my computer reformatted and now I must redownload all my programs. I have Wave Lab 6 with a dongle and during the process of downloading when I put in the dongle windows popped up with a message saying that I need a digitally signed driver. How do I obtain this driver?

I’m not sure what installation procedure you’re following, but as it’s an old version like Wavelab 6, you might get some unfortunate prompts like that in the install, depending on your install sequence, what OS you’re on, and what you’re installing from (old CD with old dongle drivers?). You ‘might’ be able to continue and resolve error messages one by one, but you’re going to have to do some downloading anyway, so I think it’s just much much easier to download and install the latest dongle software and go from there.

Are you on Windows 8? I have WL6 running on Win 7 and I don’t remember exactly how I got there, but having the dongle good first has always worked for me. I think the easiest way is to install the latest dongle software first (, follow the prompts inserting the usb elicenser, run the maintenance and sync functions in the elicenser control panel, and get the elicenser all good first.

Then install the latest version of Wavelab 6. (