Digitising issue with old cassettes to Cubase

Hi folks,

I have a few old cassette tapes that I am endeavouring to digitise into Cubase 11 LE AI Elements.

I have some cassettes that contain home recordings made on an old Fostex X-12 4 track in the early 90’s, but which were somehow recorded at the wrong tape speed (super slow and slurry).

Is there a way to correct this in Cubase? If so, might someone enlighten me as to how? I’m not tech savvy, so layman’s terms would be greatly beneficial for me…
Cheers in advance…


Not sure if its the best or even only method, but try to use a pitch shifter (and don’t account for timing). So when pitching up, the file should be shorter = played back faster and pitched like on the original recording, as slower tape speeds also sound pitched down.

There should be a pitch shifter in the direct offline processing menu!

Back then most multi track tape recorders used double speed.
Play back on a normal tape deck would make it sound slow.
i would use samplerate, record at 48k and playback at 96k. ( Double the speed)
That would prevent any algorithm to damage the signal further.
If the tape machine has a bias adjustment, it is worth playing around with that, to get the most out of the recording.



the Fostex X-12 used the standard tape speed for audio cassettes of 4,76 cm/s, so that is compatible with standard decks. But be aware, that you can only transfer the first 2 tracks correctly on a standard tape deck. The X-12 as a mutlitracker recorded upto 4 tracks on “the same side” and in the same direction. So playing the tape in a standard deck will only play the first two tracks and turning the cassette will play the remaing 2 tracks - but in reverse.

Did you first check, that the tape deck you use for transfer runs at the correct tape speed?


You need to use the Object Selection tool - Sizing applies Time Stretch, with a Tape algorithm.
That’s literally the simplest way to do what you are aiming to.

(Elements doesn’t have the Tape Alogrithm.)