Digitizing Cassettes via Inexpensive Adapter

Hey all,

I’m finally getting around to digitizing old cassettes. The sound quality need not be awesome, but I would like to clean up some his, hum etc etc. So I went out and bought an inexpensive AGPtek (20$) Cassette to USB adapter on Amazon. It came packaged with Audacity. In Audacity one can use the Core Audio driver and have audio inputs be USB while outputs be the main stereo Outs of the mac or even the first two outputs of my 2408mk3.

Moving to Cubase, where I’d like to work (and apply plugins to clean up the audio) is it possible to do the same thing, namely have the audio come in via usb (directly from the adapter) and have the audio output monitor through either the main mac analog outs or the outputs of my 2408mk3? If Audacity, a free shareware program can do this, I can’t imagine that cubase would not be able to accomplish this.


The short answer: Yes!

If it works with Audacity and the Core Audio driver, then it should work with Cubase. Input via USB Cassette, and output through your audio interface.

Have fun!

That’s great to know. I keep trying different settings and nothing seems to work. In Audacity - where my workflow is extremely slow, the actual recording is possible, but in cubase I can’t seem to do it. Attached is a picture of the audacity settings.
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.14.50 PM.png
Not sure how to replicate them in Cubase. The same inputs/outputs that show up under Core audio don’t seem to show up under Cubase.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.19.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.18.26 PM.png

You need to select the USB PnP Audio Device in the Device Set UP.
As shown in you “Cubase ASIO selection” screen shot, you have the OSX Built-In Audio selected.
Select the USB device and you should be all set!
USB PnP Audio Device.png

I’ve tried that. Audio comes in, and I can see it on the meters but then there’s no way to route the audio out any other output as the USB PnP Audio Device has no outputs.

So I can get audio in, but can’t monitor or playback.
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.22.12 PM.png
In the “VST connections” window it seems impossible to configure an output.


Can you assign output to your 2403mk3 in VST Connections?

That’s the thing. Unless I select the 424 as the ASIO driver its not selectable. That is, I can’t route one driver for input and another for output. Unless I’m missing something.

Looks like you’ll need to create an Aggregate Device in the OSX Audio MIDI Setup utility.

Or, check the levels on your meter, record into Cubase while listening to the cassette player with the supplied headphones. When done, reassign your 2403 as the ASIO device for listening to playback and editing in Cubase.
Aggregate Device.png

Thanks, I’ll try that and report back.