Dilemma between RAM upgrade or buying Synchron Prime

Hello there,

My computer is a Mac Mini from 2018, with 8 GB RAM, and it runs Dorico 4.3 and NP4 just fine.

When it comes to orchestral libraries, I already own Cinematic Studio Strings and Solo Strings, which I originally bought mainly for filling out single instrumental parts in mixes. With my current hardware, I can load all of the Solo Strings in NPPE, and it works, though it pushes my system to its limits.

My dilemma is: do I invest in a RAM and SSD upgrade (299 euros for 64 GB plus another 150 euros for a decent SSD), or in Synchron Prime (595 euros), which is much easier for my current system to handle and which I can keep on my Mac’s own internal SSD? I like the CSS and CSSS sounds slightly better, but the edge that they have over Synchron is small, to my ears at least.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

If you want to use NPPE an SSD is required…
Synchron Prime has no solo strings…
So my suggestion would be ram and disk upgrade… :grinning:


I do run NPPE with a conventional external HDD. It works; it just takes a while to load.

Sure … i was just quoting the manual :grinning:

8 GB RAM seems small, particularly if you will be running external libraries. I would start there upgrading.