Hi, i have CB 8.5 and 9, my problem is when i installed 8.5 i directed the prog to my on board SSD, i have a lot of projects which are also saved to my SSD, my SSD is now full and i need to clean up the drive, i also have onboard a 1TB drive (i know i should have installed and saved everything there) so my dilemma is this, is it possible to transfer CB and all its contents and saved directories to the 1TB drive, i know that if i uninstall CB and re-install it, when i open a project the file direction for all my projects will be missing… is it possible to transfer the whole lot or will i have to re-install and then meticulously go through every project to search for it’s directory :frowning:
please advise
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If you only have midi data in the project you can just copy the project folder to the new location. The next time you open it from there it will ask you to confirm that the location has been changed since the last time you opened it. If you have a lot of audio files in the project it’s safer to use ‘Back up Project’ to transfer it to the other disk.

Thank you, it’s both midi/audio and also a lot of VST’s lol, ok thank you for your reply i’ll try and get on with it, btw, if I uninstall CB will all the project folders and midi folders remain or will they also get uninstalled?
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All midi and folder information is embedded in the project file itself. The project folder will be untouched when you uninstall Cubase. So optionally you could just copy the whole lot over to the other drive and see if you can open everything without issues. You will always have the original source if it goes bad. Also VST instruments don’t create audio files by default. Only when you freeze, render in place or bounce the instrument tracks it will create audio files.

thank you Nickeldome :slight_smile:

one last q, is it possible to install CB onto the 1TB drive while the original CB is still installed on the SSD of the same machine?
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No, don’t try to install another Cubase if you already have one installed…I would not recommend that you install Cubase anywhere other than your o/s drive anyhow. You can move content and add a shortcut to it but the program itself is best kept in the program folder of your c drive.
VSTs do not normally use much disk space unless they have a sample library in which case you can usually install or move the library to another drive.

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+1 to what Grim said, don’t install the program elsewhere. Likely to cause problems in the future.

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Very helpful thread, thanks for the answers to these questions.