Diminished Chord symbol

Hello. How di I get a Diminished Chord symbol being displayed in the chords popover?
When I enter a letter and one of these:

Diminished: dim, di, or o

as suggested in the manual , nothing like that is displayed.

Why? And how to do better?

Thank you

The input is totally fine. It’s Dorico’s output that’s not doing what you expect.

Go to Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Chord Quality > Diminished, and set these options however you like:

Thank you!!

I still find it a bit irritating, that the symbols might “overlap” in the appearance of different meanings, like


for two small thirds and three small thirds. Find it a bit confusing.

It is confusing: chord symbols are not standardized in “the industry.” Dorico simply tries to respond to this lack of standardization in the best way possible.

Yes! But is there a way to define not only what his displayed but also what I have to right in the popover to male social chord symbols being diplayed?

I need:

Abm 7/b5
Abdim …

and for all I´d like to have a special entry in the popover?


Also ich kann alle von dir Aufgezählten eintippen:

Abm7b5 (ohne Schrägstrich!) -> ergibt As Halbvermindert
Abm -> As moll
Ab0 -> As vermindert
Abdim -> As vermindert

Die letzten beiden sind identisch, es kommt also das selbe Symbol heraus. Gibt es einen Grund, warum du Ab° und Abdim im selben Projekt haben willst?

I can enter all the chords you listed. The last two of them are identical, therefore giving the same symbol. Is there a reason why you would like to habe Ab° and Abdim in the same project?

Once upon a time I learned that

Ab° is two stacked minor thirds and Ab°7 is three.
And in the screenshot above you can see that it’s possible to distinguish between the two.
Just type Abdim and Abdim7 into the popover…


Thank you for your help.