Diminshed / half diminished chord symbols

hi, dorico . . .

i’m just wondering why, in the engraving rules under chord symbols, the diminished symbol is a default m7b5, given that they are two different types of chords .

what am i missing ?

thanks !


I’m not quite sure what you mean. I just looked at the factory defaults and a diminished triad is set to minor flat 5, not m7b5. A diminished 7th is set to use dim7, and half-diminished 7th is set to m7b5. There’s nowhere in the factory settings that has a basic diminished triad or 7th set to be m7b5 as that would of course be incorrect.


i see what you mean . . . technically, the diminished triad = minor triad with a b5, so as it stands it’s correct, but as a jazz musician whose 7ths are implied in every chord symbol except for the diminished and until we’re told otherwise, this reads as the half-diminished ! until dorico i’d never seen a diminished triad articulated this way . thanks for clarifying !


Yeah, while not incorrect, minor b5 is certainly uncommon. I think I changed that within my first 15 minutes of using Dorico as I agree it’s a poor choice for a default setting.

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