Diminuendo syllables

Maybe not actually a bug, but a small, disputable design choice:
When entering an extended gradual diminuendo with separated syllables, Dorico divides the word as di-mi-nuen-do.
This should be 5 syllables: di-mi-nu-en-do.


I’d suggest that Decrescendo should be de – cre – scen – do, rather than de – cresc – en – do, too. (avoiding any confusion by seeing ‘cresc’, as much as using the natural hyphenation positions.)


In some early classical scores, I have occasionally seen the placement of the hyphens to be different from what Dorico allows. For those who wish to recreate these scores faithfully, it might be a nice touch to be be able to change the hyphenation (in Properties?).

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PjotrB is correct: in Italian, diminuendo is divided di - mi - nu - en - do (and abbreviated as dim. or dimin.).

Ben is also correct: decrescendo is de - cre - scen - do (decresc. or decr.).

Crescendo is cre - scen - do (cresc.).

I think I’m right in saying that Dorico still doesn’t allow dimin. or decr.

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This might be my oldest feature request that still hasn’t come up the pile, I think I made it somewhere near Jan 2017… Not later than five minutes ago, I had to put a di-mi-nu-en-do marking, and no, there are no hyphens nor underscores after “do”. Never. Only in Dorico.


There is some flexibility: see Engraving Options - Gradual Dynamics - Hyphenated Text (including Advanced Options).

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Some of these things ought to be dealt with as they’re in the categories ‘things that might put people off Dorico the first time they use it’ and ‘things that will annoy some people every day’.

I’d begun to wonder if they’d ever be tackled but perhaps they’re the kind of ‘rough edges’ that Daniel has said are going to be addressed.

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