Diminuendo within tied notes

I’m working in the following passage of music. Bassoon 2 is correct as is:

But I would like bassoon 1 to have a diminuendo in m126 ONLY (exactly at the orange insert point).

Whenever I try and do this via the keyboard shortcut like this, Dorico ignores me and does nothing:

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 9.42.25 PM

As a workaround, if I go ahead and insert a diminuendo in bassoon 1 covering the entire area from m126-127, then attempt to drag its start point, Dorico also ignores me.

So how do I do it?

It works with the caret: place it where you want the diminuendo to start, press >, then press the space bar as many times as necessary (it depends on the rhythmic value selected — here, if whole note was selected, press it once). Done
The other solution is to copy the dynamics from bassoon 2 — select them, then copy to staff above (build yourself a keyboard shortcut such as shift-alt-N)

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One could also select the diminuendo and then ALT/OPT+Click the first beat of the measure above.


Isn’t that what Marc suggested?

Thanks all! Very useful tips. I didn’t know about hitting the > and then the space bar. And the Paste Special/Copy to Staff Above are commands I should learn to use more.

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I keep trying the first way you describe, but nothing happens in my case.
I place the caret. I press [shift]+D for dynamic.
then enter “>” and press [Space] a certain number of times.
It creates spaces in the insertion window.
but now what?
If I press [enter], nothing happens.

You need to close the popover first, then advance the caret by pressing Space.

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As Lillie just wrote, in the popover you type > then Enter! Then you can advance the caret with space as much as needed to lengthen the hairpin (or whatever gradual thing you’ve entered — yes, it also works with gradual tempi!)

ok, it’s writing the hairpin… but its not advancing by the beat division I’ve established (8ths in this case). It’s putting in a hairpin that covers the entire remaining duration of the note (it was a total dotted half note value, split across a barline, with one beat in the previous measure and two in the new measure.)

what I’m testing is, can I insert a hairpin starting in the new measure (ie: one quarter note value into the dotted half total) that only lasts for one beat.

So far, it’s not doing it.

Which brings me to a secondary though related question: how to I get the carat to appear midway through a long value note? Right now it’s only appearing at the beginning of my long value and I’m having to move it manually to the desired position. I’m trying to click in the staff, at the 1st beat position (2nd measure in this case), where the tie appears (the 3 beat value is shown as a quarter, tied to a half note).

EDIT: it seems that the spot where I can click to make the caret appear is VERY finicky, and is a very TINY spot that is juuuust before the note where I want the caret to appear. is this normal? It makes inserting the caret there VERY tedious because I keep having to click and re-click until I get the exact correct spot.

To show the caret in the middle of a tied note, double-click a blank part of the staff at the position at which you want the caret to appear, i.e. not on the notehead or on the tie.

I edited my previous post.
the example in question here, is immediately after a barline. and the spot where I can click is VERY specific.

Everywhere else it’s fine, yes, click anywhere between two note and the caret appears. But if you want the caret appearing immediately after a barline, within a tied note, the spot that activates the caret is extremely small and difficult to hit with any precision.

so to not get side-tracked too much about the spot for the caret, the important part of my question remains:

why is Dorico not respecting the beat subdivision chosen ? I tried with 8ths, 16ths… nothing makes the caret advance by anything other than a quarter note.

When you hit Space, Dorico advances the caret by the duration specified in the notes panel, rather than the rhythmic grid.


that makes all the difference!!! So I was misunderstanding that.

Marc mentioned it also works with gradual tempos, however, I can’t seem to get that to work.
Once I hit enter, after typing rit. (for example), it just inserts the rit. and a dotted line for one beat. (and yes, I’m using the 8th note value for note entry now, thanks for that correction).

No, unless I’m misremembering (which is possible, of course), this kind of extension via the caret isn’t possible for gradual tempos.

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My bad. I really thought it was. It would be logical, wouldn’t it?