Direct access to "tap tempo" function

There is no point in having to click extra buttons just to get to the “tap tempo” function.

One keyboard shortcut should be enough to open the window - and it should close everything related as soon as the tapping is done (one button click to close everything).

At the moment I use an AutoIt script as my stop gap solution for this.

Or just a double click or right click on the tempo in the transport.

Or how about just alt-clicking the desired tempo on the tempo value in the transport, without opening any window at all? Wouldn’t that be elegant?

In my opinion (and experience) clicking a tempo with the mouse doesn’t work as nicely as with the spacebar.

However, this is subject to personal preference.

Please make a BeatCalculator/Tap Tempo shortcut option. I would like to hit one key and be able to tap a tempo on the spacebar.

(It would be great if tap tempo also listened to MIDI clock input, but maybe I’m putting too much into one feature request.)