Direct audio monitoring in Steinberg UR44

Hi there, I’ve just spent half a day trying to work out how to directly monitor the audio from the microphones connected to my UR44 using the headphones inputs with no luck.
I’m using my UR44 connected to my Mac laptop with 10.14.4 OS.
Adobe Audition recognises the unit and records it perfectly fine.
I understand in order to enable the direct audio monitoring I need the “dspMixFx_UR44” software, which I have downloaded and installed, but it says “No device found”.
I’ve tried every software/firmware/driver/eLicenser/Download Assistant available on your website with no luck.
I noticed the eLicenserControl requires Activation Code, which I don’t have and don’t know where to find. Is the lack of the Activation Code the reason why dspMixFx_UR44 says “No device found”?
I’ve registered my eLicenser, but it says “there is no valid Steinberg product license found”.
Does anyone know how do I obtain a new Activation Code and/or advice what do I need to do in order to directly monitor the audio sources connected to my UR44?
p.s. I have tried all of the above on 2 Mac computers with 2 different OSs (10.14.4 and 10.10.5) with the same result (ie. no result)
Thank you

The code activation Is in a card into the box of your audiocard…
For other problems I can’t help you