Direct entry of MSB/LSB/PC val in inspector for MIDI tracks.

I would like the ability to select banks and patches from external hardware MIDI synths by entering values directly into the MIDI track inspector via separate MSB, LSB, and Program Change fields as an additional option and alternative to using the bank select field (which requires you to calculate the bank value beforehand) or using patch scripts which are very time consuming and cumbersome to setup. Separate MSB and LSB bank select fields followed by a program change field in the MIDI track inspector would make workflow a lot quicker and more convenient for users like me by making scrolling through patches a lot quicker. It would also eliminate the need to enter CC 0 and CC 32 values into the list editor of each midi track. Having to create a new patch script or figure out how to create one every time you integrate a new MIDI hardware synth into you setup is very inconvenient.
The same goes for calculating a bank number using a formula (MSB*128+LSB). If you already know the MSB and LSB values, I think you should simply be able to enter those conveniently followed by a program change value in Separate fields. Each time the program change value is changed by the user to surf patches, Cubase should automatically resend the MSB,LSB values previously entered by the user before the program change. This is how bank change and patch selection on most hardware MIDI sequencers work, including the Akai MPC which I also use. This method is also well implemented in Voyetra/Turtlebeach’s Record Producer software, a successor to Digital Orchestrator Pro, all of which is no longer available, or supported, or possibly even compatible with the latest Windows OS.

I’ve been hoping to see this feature implemented into Cubase for years. I hope Steinberg implements it soon. I’ve also seen other threads in this forum concerning people having issues figuring out how to enter bank selections. Separate MSB, LSB, PC fields in the MIDI track inspector would certainly eliminate the confusion and make things simpler of the avarage hardware synth user.

It’s mind boggling that this type of thing is not handled better by cubase. Why would you even implement midi banks without allowing for MSB/LSB values. I hope MIDI 2.0 gets a better implementation.