Direct Input / Midi Latency

So, riddle me this. Updated to Cubase 12 from Artist 10. Windows 10, 32GB ram, Focsurite 2i2 3rd gen, bla bla.
Direct Input Live Monitoring (Guitar Rig 6), latency of a second or more audible. Mess with buffer. No changes (not even slower).
Load up Abbey Roads Drummer, Midi hits have same 1 second delay.
Update everything. BIOS, Firmware, Drivers galore. Same situation.

Just got froggy, and thought “Well, let’s see what happens in cubase artist 10.”

Same exact settings, latency completely gone.
Is it something with the control room I buggered up? What in the world is going on!?

Cubase 12 just will not play nice at the moment in regards to latency.

Right, so it’s the Control Room that’s doing it. If I deactivate control room, latency is removed.
However, I want to use control room, so what am I screwing up?

Right, so I’m just an asshole. It was some plugins on my control panel. Nevermind me.