Direct link instead of download assistant?

I’ve tried four times downloading The Grand 3 content via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I’m on a brand-new install of Win10 and am re-installing all of my software.

I have looked in the forums and have seen some of the suggestions. To that…

  1. I have ensured that Java is installed and up to date. The download assistant has the “java” icon attached to it.
  2. I have seen the suggestions of using other browsers, but the download assistant does not operate in a browser.

I had the same experience trying to download Cubase 10.5 via the Download assistant, but had success downloading from the direct download link in the mysteinberg profile.

Is there a direct link for The Grand 3 content? Or is there another known solution for the download manager.

(Note: sometimes the download fails mid-stream… more often, it downloads, goes through the verification process, and reports an error during verification with the recommendation to “try again”)


Noticed this… if the download fails, you can still see the aria 2 files continuing to be udated if you look in the download folder.

Also noticed… if you quit the download assistant and re-launch it as administrator, it will continue the download rather than starting all over again.


Well, after about a dozen tries at about a couple of gigs between failures, I finally got it.

Thank god Steinberg is in the business of making killer audio software and not download managers.