Direct Monitoring/816C

New 816C to replace my 824.
With my 824 all inputs were live until Cubase started up and than Cubase took over.
With my new 816C the inputs all stay live regardless and turning direct monitoring off and on does nothing nor doe input monitoring on the tracks itself…whatever’s plugged in is just live all the time.
I’d like Cubase to control all this like my 824 did…apologies for not being very tech oriented.
Thoughts on a setting I’m missing ?

Slightly more educated today and think that it’s my Win 10 machine messing up the ability for Cubase to to its part of the ASIO 2.0 thing.
I’ve assigned the 816C as the default device but the same issue persists…
If anyone has a link to anything that’s helped them in the past I hope you’ll post it…back to The Google :wink:

I’m also stuck at 512 samples…if I alter the asio dm stops working…

Try re-installing the drivers, make sure you have the latest drivers.