Direct monitoring and FX

Hi all,

I just upgraded from a CI1 to a UR242 interface, and I wondered if I was doing something wrong so I’ll explain.
I have various Wave plugs and, to be able to use them without getting audio droputs and the average audio processing load scale going up to the red, I have increased my buffer size to 768 samples.
This gives me a fairly static scale reading but at the cost of latency to 22ms, which is obviously something that I can hear. I have spoken to Waves and I am waiting for them to come back with a solution, and I also want to sat that none of the Cubase stock plugs give me this problem, just the Waves!
To solve this I check direct monitoring and I get (to my ears) zero latency…fantastic!!!
However what I cant do now is hear, when I am recording for instance my strat, the effects I have put on? Once I have recorded the track the FX are there on the playback but they are not audible when I actually record?
Am I missing something, with regards the routing, or is that how it works with direct monitoring?

Many thanks for your help,

Jim B


This is indeed how direct monitoring works. The onboard FX from the DSP engine can be monitored in real-time but when you use audio-effects from your DAW or 3rd party VST’s you’re no longer monitoring directly so to speak -as you experienced with Waves.

Basically direct monitoring routes the audio input from your guitar directly to the monitors. If you use software FX they do get recorded to the track but you can’t listen to them while recording.

Hope I understood you correctly and that this answers your question.

Thanks Spiritos,

I guessed that was the case, although I wasn’t sure that my routing was correct.

I guess I will just have to get used to monitoring a clean signal.

Thanks again,

Jim B

Hi BriHar,

That sounds good, but what is the “insert location control”?

I haven’t seen that before so can you point me in the right direction?


Jim B

Sorry, I removed my post as on second thought I realized it didn’t really address your specific problem i.e. plugins.
But for the sake of interest, it is the rightmost control on the Hardware panel in the Cubase mixer, or If you take a quick look in the UR Operation manual, see “Panel Controls” it’s Nr. 8.

Thanks BriHar,

I got a little worried when your post vanished as I was writing my response.

I’ll check that out tonight.


Jim B