direct monitoring and the control room

Direct monitoring doesn’t work with the AXR4 in Steinberg’s Control Room.

It would be nice if this could change through future updates.

It does you just have to use a dummy pair of outputs in the outputs section.

Normally when using control room you do NOT have anything set in the ‘outputs’ tab.

If you go to the outputs tab and set it to an unused pair of outputs, I use ADAT 7 and 8, everything works as expected.


Thanks for that. I was able to get the control room going with that strategy. The problem I’m still having is that the talk-back voice is delayed when I’m using direct monitoring. It’s not a super big deal as i don’t listen to the talk-back from the control room. But I was hoping to set up a second talk-back in the drum booth where I’ve set up a second workstation for clients for the remainder of the Caronavirus outbreak.

I don’t use talkback so can’t help I’m afraid.

Also be aware that if you send your tracks to a bus other than the master outs then you’ll lose the AXR hardware panel on your tracks! For example if I multi mic a guitar cab them send them all to a group/Buss I cant then record on those tracks again until I switch them back to the master out as it’s only then the AXR hardware panel reappears…annoying bug… also the phantom power switches off each time too…another bug.

I’m hoping they will sort all these things out soon as the unit sounds superb.


Yes I’ve found all of that out the hard way. Also if you include a stereo buss for channels 1 and 2 utilizing AXR mic inputs in your “vst connections” the AXR4 hardware will default to a stereo input for those channels even if you are not using them on a track, which results in not being able to see the AXR pre-amp controls from Nuendo.

Good lord - I’ve spent almost a week trying to figure this out!! Thanks for this solution - you’ve saved me a lot more hair pulling! I was about to give up completely using my AXR4U with Control Room and Direct Monitoring enabled - I was beginning to think it was impossible.