Direct Monitoring / Monitor (Track Button)

Recently I updated the driver & software for my RME Fireface UFX soundcard & some changes have been made that have messed with my settings a bit. Just for the record I’m on Cubase 10 but the same thing is happening in older Cubase 9 files.

When it comes to software, VST instruments and all appear fine.

But in terms of hardware synthesizers, I noticed a problem when using the setup I’ve had for years was working on all but external instruments. When I played a synthesizer in (to utilize its own sounds) I could see the MIDI coming in but I couldn’t hear any audio. The audio signal on the audio track isn’t being routed to the Stereo Out — which it’s setup to do.

After a while I realized that “Direct Monitoring” is selected under Studio & and that I have to turn the Monitor button on to hear and have the signal routed to the Main Output, which is the opposite of before. I never needed to select Monitor on external audio tracks. Any clue as to what might have changed?

As I said before the VST instrument MIDI or Instrument tracks are good to go, this is just with Audio Tracks and external synthesizers.

Appreciate any suggestions.

You had been monitoring the inputs directly via the FF UFX Totalmix.