Direct monitoring tab-Cubase SX3 not functional

Update from my recent post- my UR28M previously functioning with Cubase SX3 with Windows XP -Proeffesional SP#> Now…no output from Mix 1,2 or 3, but output from Fx outputs at reduced volume only. I also noticed the direct monitoring option is not functional at all in Cubase . Is this a compatability issue bwtween UR installed drivers and Cubase…the systems donot appear to be communicating, but they were before. Really puzzled here. Thanks

This being your first post I’ve no idea what your earlier post said.

Do you notice something missing? Previous to what? First rule of analytical troubleshooting - What has changed?

Seems my first post regarding this problem failed. In terms of analytical trouble shooting, the only thing that appears non functional now that was functional before is that no output occurs despite all input ( audio,midi,VST instruments) signals being active in Cubase software screens. Other system components are unchanged ( Cubase SX3, Platform -Windows XP-Professional, Powered monitors produce an output through the UR 28M unit ( Output level control on the unit works. As well, the direct monitoring tab in Cubase is 'greyed-out". Not certain if this should be active with this older version of cubase. I reinstalled Cubase SX3 and the drivers to the UR unit several times ( with uninstalls in between) follwing all directions that worked previously as well as making sure the Steinberg dongle and UR 'USB connections were in the same ports as during installation. The UR works perfectly on my laptop with Windows 7, but all of my software synths /plug-ins etc are versions for SX, thus, I need to get my desk top system working. Thanks for any advice from you are anyone else out there.

Is Cubase addressing the UR28M ASIO Driver?