Direct monitoring with fireface 802


I just got a new audio interface. I’m using a new Fireface 802 with Nuendo 7. I know that RME’s Total Mix program is a very flexible and powerful tool for monitoring but my setup is very simple so I’d rather use Nuendo’s direct monitoring. I am recording a mono audio track through a microphone.

All is working as expected except that the level of the Nuendo fader is different from the level of the Total Mix fader. When Nuendo’s fader is set to 0dB, the Total Mix fader defaults to -0.9dB. This means that while I’m recording, the input is at -0.9dB and then when playing back the recording the level is higher at 0dB. It’s as if the two systems aren’t calibrated.

I checked in to the pan law and learned that this couldn’t be an issue because the level difference happens with stereo tracks as well.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that I’m mixing?

Thank you,


I was examining exactly this issue a whole day long and today I could solve this problem by downloading and installing the latest drivers for the Fireface 802.

Seems to be a driver related issue.