Direct Monitoring with UR28M and Cubase 6.5 Artist

I have Cubase Artist 6.5.4 and the UR28M. Everything works except the direct monitoring. I have updated Cubase, and the UR28M driver and firmware. I can record audio, and hear the audio, and monitor with “Direct Monitoring” in the device setup menu turned OFF. But as soon as I check Direct monitoring ON, it goes silent. The channel has the monitoring button pressed.

I also have another installation of Cubase 6.5 (full Version) and another UR28M (Full version) and have the direct monitoring working there, but it of course has the “Control room” feature and the Artist version does not.

But I can’t believe that Artist wont let you do direct monitoring because a) It shows you the checkbox to turn it on. If it doesn’t support it, why show the check box? b) It is bundled with the device. The Direct monitoring is one of the key selling points of the UR28M and to have the bundled software not support the key feature would not make sense.

So I hope that I am simply doing something wrong and that it is not a limitation of the software.


i have the same issue, any help here?

I also have some of the same problem. When I use direct monitoring with my UR28M, it causes some kind of “clipping” noise, although clipping is not introduced anywhere else. Not even in the monitor when recording, just when I listen to the recording after. Does only occur in vocal mic.

As soon as I turn off direct monitoring, it works fine. Happend after the update to 6.5.4

I realize this is not an answer to your problem, but I am posting to find out if this is a common problem in the new update(?)