Direct off-line processing - Multiselection

Does anyone know what this is,
And how I can turn it off?

I’m using Cubase Artist 10.5, windows 10.

It’s occurring in one audio lane event, and no others.
And the volume latch is nowhere to be found.

(Please check out “Johnny 36.” No event volume latch. Every other event on every other lane has one, happens no matter what event is selected or comped…)

Thanks for any insights.


The Johnny 36 is a Part and you need to dissolve it , and with in the Part it contains multi events , thats why it’s a multiselection iirc

Audio Parts (

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Thank you so much for the prompt and clarifying explanation.
I’ll go check it out and post the results.

Worked like a charm. I must’ve clicked on something by accident.

The difference between events and parts has been patiently explained to me before, but I still miss it sometimes.

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