Direct Offline Processing APPARENTLY clip based?

I have a vocal track which I cut into clips and need to process a few clips with different offline processing fx. I have applied my offline corrections to the first clip, all good. Now I select the second clip on the same track but the original clip comes up when I press F7 in the Offline Processing window with. It will not switch to a new window with the new clip to process. It only does this if I select a separate track…
According to Steinberg’s site help it says “The workflow is clip-based. This allows you to apply different effects to events on the same track” what am I missing here?

Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Is it the same piece of vocal that you copied?
Then you would either need to bounce selection before doing any process or change your editing preference for “On processing shared clips” to something suitable.

Or use “Edit -> Functions -> Convert to Real Copy” on the clips before using Direct Offline Processing.